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SAS Macro – Get missing counts for all character variables

Posted by phillippeng on July 23, 2009

%macro charvar_nmiss(base,dsn, outds);
*Counting number of character variables in the dataset;
proc contents data=&base..&dsn out=dsn_vars(keep=name type)  noprint; run;

data dsn_vars; set dsn_vars; where type = 2; seqno = _n_; run;

proc sql;
select name into: varlist
separated by ‘ ‘
from dsn_vars;

proc sql noprint;
select count(*)into :nvars from dsn_vars;

*Get the missing counts for each character variable in the dataset;
%do i = 1 %to &nvars;
%LET varn=%SCAN(&varlist,&i,%STR( ));
proc sql noprint;
create table varnmiss&i as
select distinct &varn., count(*) as nmiss
from &base..&dsn.
where &varn. = ‘ ‘;

*Concatenating all the datasets;
data final(keep=id nmiss);
set %do i= 1 %to &nvars;

*Clean the space;
proc datasets nolist; %do i = 1 %to &nvars; delete varnmiss&i; %end; run;

*Final dataset with list of variables and missing counts;
proc sql;
create table &outds as
select a.name ,b.nmiss
from dsn_vars as a, final as b
where a.seqno=b.id;



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SAS – Create a file list under the same folder

Posted by phillippeng on July 22, 2009

%let mydir=c:\working directory;
/*DOS command to get a list of all data files programs */
filename mylist pipe “%str(dir %”&mydir%”\pre_* /B) ” lrecl=5000;
/*Adding ‘pre_’ gives all the files with a name starting ‘pre_’. To list all the files, just use ‘*’ */

/*put the list of files into a data set for macro processing*/
data mylist;
infile mylist truncover;
input filename $char50.;
put _infile_;

proc sql;
select substr(filename,1,10) into:filelist
separated by ‘ ‘
from mylist;

%put &filelist;

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