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How To Select All Columns Except One Column From A Table?

Posted by phillippeng on July 31, 2009

If you have a table with more than ten columns and you need to select all columns except one column, you may not want to type the column names one by one. Especially, it becomes very challenging if you have too many columns. Here’s my trick to do this.

1. Select all columns into another table and drop the column you don’t want.
select * into #temp from table_a
alter table #temp
drop column col1              (col1 is the column that you don’ t want to select.)

2. Rename the column and then drop.
When you want to join two tables by matching the ID column in each table, you want to use ‘select * from table_a, table_b by a.id = b.id’. However, an error message will tell you to select only a.id or b.id. It comes back to our old question. But we cannot drop the ID column first because we need to keep it for the Join purpose. The easy answer is to rename the column and then drop it.
sp_rename ‘Table_a.ID’, ‘ID_a’, ‘Column’


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