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Merkle’s Ethnic Dinner

Posted by phillippeng on September 28, 2008

Ethnic dinner has been a Merkle’s tradition for eight years. Every employee and their spouse are encouraged to brigh a dish representing their ethnic background to share together at the party.

The dinner was hosted in Tim’s house as usual this year. Although I heard that there may not be many Chinese show up in the party, I still made my way because I was trying to know more other co-workers.

Like many American friends I know, Tim lives in the village part. It’s about 30 minutes driving from my home. I am so grateful that GPS becomes popular nowadays. Without GPS, I don’t think I am confident in finding Tim’s home in the village during the evening.

There’s about 40 people show up in the party. Everybody seems having a good time. About 8 o’clock, we started to have our ethnic dinner. After Tim’s introduction, each one of us introduced ourselves, their group, and their dish. We had American, Germany, Jewish, Irish, English, Italian, Chinese (may be more). Both Patrick and another co-worker brought the German’s Shepherd’s pie. But obviously, their recipes are little bit different. Both are delicious. I brought an authentic Chinese dish: Chicken in wine sause. Direct translation may be “Drunken chicken”.

As I introduced myself, Darla came to my side and said to me: “Are you Phillip – Peng?” That’s how I met Darla in person the first time. We’ve been emailing each other several times on a project. She’s the account manager. But we never met in person before. We met at the party. Then I chatted with her and her handsome husband. That’s SO COOL.

About 10 o’clock, I had to say goodbye to Tim and his wife, and others so that I could go home to see my 6-weeks little son.


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