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[Book Reading] Marketing Metrics: 50+ metrics every executive should master

Posted by phillippeng on January 10, 2009

“Marketing Metrics: 50+ metrics every executive should master” is published by University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Publishing in 2006. The authors are Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E Pfeifer and David J. Reibstein.

As the title suggested, the book discusses over 50 marketing metrics. These metrics are divided into 9 categories based on what they are measuring:

1. Share of hearts, minds and markets. (competitive analysis)
2. Margins and profits. (Profitability analysis)
3. Product and portfolio management
4. Customer profitability
5. Sales force and channel management
6. Pricing strategy
7. Promotion
8. Advertising media and web metrics
9. Marketing and Finance

At the age of customer centric, I will focus on sharing their more detailed discussions on customer profitability later.


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